How to add your PhotoStream to your mac Finder (file system manager)?

Here's the goal,  wouldn't it be nice to have access to all the photos you take with your iPhone directly on your mac, so you can drag and drop, share, edit etc without having to transfer them from your phone to your computer? In essence your phone becomes a remote, wireless camera for your computer.

Here's how to do it. 


1) make sure you have cloud enabled. 

(at least the photo stream option enabled, here:


Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.58.44 PM.png

2) open your finder, and navigate to your pictures folder. on the navigation bar on the left. 

3) right mouse click on "Photos Library" and select Show Package Contents. 

4) double click on "Masters"

5) you will see a few folders with Years as name. 

6) in the finder's search bar, enter "jpg"   (without the double quotes). 

7) select Search: "Masters"  instead of "This mac"

8) Click on "save"  Save As: "PhotoStream"  and select "Add to Sidebar"


Now, every time you take an image on your phone, it will automatically be on your mac and directly accessible from your Finder (file system manager)



Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 1.08.13 PM.png

Limited Edition prints for sale!

We're glad to announce that we are selling 5 prints only (very limited edition, signed by the artist) of original art work,  the print is HUGE and complements pretty much any decors, (it looks especially good in a modern style room).

Eiffel Tower at night (Paris France Sept 2014) - high res-high quality print-framed


Local pickup available, - No shipping fee

Happy new year!

2015 was good to us, we've grown and done many more weddings and different sessions (portraits, engagements, family, events).

We have started to book a few weddings for 2016 and even for 2017 already! 

We have to do a few more youtube videos as the reception has been pretty good, (over 2000 subscribers and some videos with over 72,000 views)

Happy new year!

Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art - Review

SIGMA 50mm 1.4 DG HSM for Canon

These were all taken wide open, at f1.4   no crop, no editing at all, Shot straight to jpg and uploaded.

This lens is very good compared to the Canon 50mm 1.4

This Sigma is, very fast focusing, very accurate and silent. All I really needed in a 50mm. 

Let me know if you'd like to see more pictures, or different styles. 



Wait For It.....

Hi, everyone!

We recently decided to make the switch to SquareSpace as our hosting provider, thanks to Chelsea and Tony Northrup!  Our new page will be under construction for a few more days, so thanks for bearing with us.  In the meantime, if you are also interested in photography, you might want to head on over and check out some of Tony and Chelsea's videos on YouTube, or their dedicated SDP community.  As you know, we spend a lot of our free time researching new lighting techniques, emerging technology, new gear options, and just generally staying involved with what's going on in the industry, and these guys are among our favorite resources for photography news.  

Check back with us soon for our full blog story detailing who we're following in the photography community and those we consider our major creative influences - there are a lot of incredible artists we've been following over the years and we can't wait to share that with you!